Thith ith the beth jerky ever!  - Tike Myson

Four score and seven years ago our founding fathers put their heads together to create the greatest meat treat in our newly founded country.  The result was Dude Jerky.  Trust me, I'm honest.  - Possibly Abe Lincoln

It is far better to be eating Dude Jerky, than to be eating Martha's cooking. - Probably George Washington

In the history of America, nobody has done it better.  This stuff is the greatest accomplishment our nation has seen in the jerky industry.  They have exceeded all expectations, bigly.  Dude Jerky has succeeded in making jerky great again! - The Don

Fool me once, shame on - shame on you.  Fool me - well you can't fool me again.  I know Dude Jerky when I taste it! - Similar to G. W. Bush

The taste of Dude Jerky is a taste you can't refuse - Don Vito Corleone...maybe

Life is like a box of jerky...unless you get Dude Jerky, then you know you've got the best! - Gump