Dude Jerky Fundraisers

Tired of trying to sell knick knacks that nobody wants for your teams fundraiser?  Sell Jerky, Dude!  Who doesn't love beef jerky and when it's Made in the USA, what get's better than that!

Growing up involved in school sports and events and being a part of a family of coaches, we understand the hassle of trying to do fundraisers and the stress that is put on the staff to get it all organized and completed.  Dude Jerky has the best fundraising system on the planet.  We do all the work, you collect the check.


  • Send us a list of the names of all students participating in the fundraiser.
  • We will send you a box of individual flyers for each student participating.
  • The students will then take the flyers out to sell to friends and family.
  • Each flyer will have the students correlating code to order from the website.
  • Customer will order from the website using the students coupon code.
  • The system will automatically generate all sales from your organization and individual students.
  • You will receive a check for the total agreed upon percentage amount of bags of jerky sold by your organization and a list letting you know the amount each individual sold.
  • All jerky will be shipped from our warehouse to the customers your organization sold to.
  • Completely hands off and worry free for the leaders of your organization!


  • The great thing about our fundraiser is that we don't upcharge your friends and family for purchasing Dude Jerky and we give the organization $4.00 PER BAG SOLD!
  • The fundraiser is hands off for coaches, parents, and organization leaders.  No worries about collecting money, filling out forms, or distributing the product once it comes in.  We handle everything except the door to door sell.
  • Participating in the Dude Jerky Fundraiser does not drain your community.  Time and time again we've noticed that coupon code books and community discounts, while helping the organization and the people purchasing the coupons, puts a strain on your local businesses by forcing them to take a reduction in wages each time the coupons are used.  The Dude Jerky Fundraiser keeps this from happening and allows everyone to support the organization without the community having to take a loss in other areas.  
  • It's JERKY BABY!  Who doesn't love beef jerky?  The majority of fundraisers today have items that are overpriced knock offs of items that most people don't want or need.  When your organization promotes jerky to your community, you can rest assured that each customer is getting something they want at a price that isn't gauging them!



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